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A Message From Nichole

Hey Everyone!


Here is a little bit of info about me ~


I grew up in Nova Scotia until my early 20's. Before relocating, I was in University studying to be "what I wanted to be when I grew up".  While taking many basic Arts courses at St. Mary's University, I went back and forth on what I wanted to be when "I grew up" from a chiropractor to a lawyer, to a teacher, to a psychologist of some sort.  I found myself the most interested in psychology but it was a very competitive course to get into the continuation programs.   I had many ideas, but nothing that I seemed passionate enough about to make my life career.


At some point along the way, I came to the decision that university may not be the best decision for me [at that point in my life].  I had so many options but knew so little about the world worked!  

Together, my partner & I took a major leap and decided to move to Edmonton to find new career opportunities.  Growing up in Nova Scotia, it is cute and quaint, whereas Alberta is much more prim and posh.  After I moved here, the job market was very low and full-time jobs were hard to come by.  After attending a gel nail appointment with my mother, I had the idea that I could do nails until the job market came back.  Upon looking into the Gel Nail courses I learned about the Esthetics course.  I decided I mid as well take the entire course to see if I'd even like the industry.  I studied the Esthetics Program at The International Academy of Esthetics, in March 2010 I Graduated with Honours. 

Upon graduating, I found a job at a busy & high-end spa that has a well-known reputation in Sherwood Park, AB - Body & Soul Day Spa.  While working at Body & Soul, I developed a passion for skincare and advanced facial treatments.  I worked there for more than 3 AMAZING years.  I always had an area in my house dedicated to my salon supplies so I could do services for myself, my family, and my friends.  

My passion now is about making clients feel better about themselves! I am very personable and will make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk through the doors!  Sometimes the simplest enhancements can make you feel so much better about your appearance & build self-confidence!  Let's remove any unwanted hairs that you've been self-conscious about!  :)


Hope To See You Soon!

Nichole MacLeod

Owner / Waxing Specialist 

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