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Before We Begin!

Once you’re ready to start waxing, you need to get the hairs to be in between 1/4'' & 1/2' long'.  You can either trim the hair or shave your hair bare & wait about 3 weeks for it to get to the proper length.

Most waxing places choose to remove your unwanted body hair using a warm strip of sticky honey wax.  Essentially equal to ripping hair off the skin and a little bit of skin as well!   This wax has the ability to make the toughest person tear up. This is why we always use the best waxes, with high-quality pre/during/post waxing to leave your sensitive areas less irritated! 

Our waxes work in a way that is applied to the skin and the essential oils seep into your skin allowing the waxing procedure to be much less sensitive and leaves the skin seriously smooth!

We have developed various types of bikini waxing to suites your needs and comforts!  

we would also suggest "working your way in" to a full brazillian if you've never waxed in this region before.



…It has been at least 4 weeks since your last wax or about 3 weeks since you last shaved.


…For best results, your hair must be at least ¼" long.


…You are not on any skin thinning medications or prescribed steroids! (ie: Accutane, Retin-A, AHA's) click here to find a list of medications to look out for!


…You have not/will not engage in sun tanning, heavy exercise or swimming [prior & post] service for 24 hours. 



…Have a warm shower & lightly exfoliate the skin.  This will assist the hair exit the follicle much easier and cause less breakage, smoother skin for much longer! 


…Please do not apply any moisturizers to skin before coming for a wax.  The hairs may not be able to stick to the wax from the oils in the creams.


…If you find waxing to be extremely sensitive take an ibuprofen 30-45 minutes prior to your appointment.  I do have a numbing spray that helps take the bite out of waxing!


. . . To keep the pain to a minimum, do not drink coffee/alcohol or smoke before any waxing service.  Believe it or not, they are all considered to be stimulants!  Stimulants in your system can cause the skin to be extra sensitive.

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