Cancellation Policy 


Hello All Of Our Bare Beauties:I have mentioned to all of you upon cancelling that there may be charges upon your next visit. Read and follow these rules to ensure you do not have extra fees the next time we see you!


• What's your Late Policy?

we pride ourselves on being on time however do understand that the unexpected issues may occur, so we can allow a 10-15 minute grace period.

- If your tardiness does not allow to preform your scheduled services you will be considered a 'No Show.' 

- Regarless if only partial services can be completed you will still be required to pay for the scheduled services.  

- This policy is in effect so we can continue to offer you the best waxing experience. We do ask that you call/text us if you are going to be late to respect our times and to ensure we can accommodate.


• What's your Cancellation Policy?

You will be sent a reminder email at the 1 week mark with a link to confirm that you will be attending your appointment.  From this email, you can cancel or reschedule your appointment online until 24 hours before your appointment.

We respectfully ask that if you cancel online or call to cancel/reschedule within 24 hours of the email being sent so we can potentially fill your space with someone else on our waiting list. 

• What's your No Show Policy?

I understand that things come up unexpectedly so to be fair, we give you a total of 3 strikes! After 3 strikes you will need to find new arrangements for your future appointments.

Strike 1: You are required to pay 50% of your missed services.

Strike 2: You are required to pay 100% of your missed services.  You will no longer be able to ‘reserve’ time in our schedule without paying for our time in advance.

* If you miss any appointments after 3 strikes you will be charged 100% for all missed services + 3.75% (for manual entry fee of credit card).  Gratuity Not Included!  

* If you ‘forget’ to cancel your appointment this is considered a No Show

* If you do not show up to your appointment, your Voucher or Special Brazilian Pricing is forfeited.

Strike 3:  If you continously "forget" your appointments - even if pre-paid - We will no longer accept you as a client.  We have many people wanting to experience our waxing specialties and we would gladly have someone fill the spot who resepts ourtime. 


• Can I Just Walk-In?

Walk-ins are not recommended.  Text/Call ahead of travelling to see if we are  able to accept your appointment.  You may look online you can see what our schedules looks like for the day. Reserve your space so we can guarantee that you will be treated in a timely manner.

• Vouchers with Cancelations & No Shows:

We have a strict policy for vouchers and deals when it comes to rescheduling. ie: Return within 4 weeks and save $10 for your Brazilian: If you do not follow proper procedures to cancel or reschedule, you will not receive any form of special pricing and your voucher is automatically forfeited!  Bring your voucher certificate to your appointment.

No cash back or credit.

Please be considerate of our times so we can continue offering competeive pricings and please as many people as I can.  Any space you reserve is your time and if you do not take responsibility your actions then prices may be increased.