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50             The Bro-Kini

                            A basic swimsuit line tidy up.

60             The Hippy Bro-Kini 

                           Tidy up the sides, shaft & balls for a groomed but natural look.

                            Tummy trail & between-the-cheeks included.

60             The Speedo Bro-Kini  

                            Clean up the sides, top & shaft for a clean and sleek look.

                            Tummy trail &between-the-cheeks included.

62             The JockStrap Bro-Kini

                           A combination of the speedo bro-kini and very bare buns.


57             The Saxx & Crack

                            Just the man bits and between the cheeks. We use the most                                      gentle paste so you get the smoothest results possible.


53            The Very Bare Buns 

                           Crease & Full Cheeks

72           The  Bro-Zilian 

                          Removes all hair from the top, sides, shaft and scrotum. Tummy                                trail included. If you return every 4 weeks or less for this service                                  we offer a maintenance price. 

87            The  Chilliwack Bro-Zilian  

                           First-Timer Bro-zilian:  Allowing extra time for increased                                              sensitivity and to help ease your mind.

87                  The   Full Monty Bro-Zilian   

                           Removes all hair from the top, sides, shaft, scrotum, crack &full                                 cheeks. Tummy trail included. If you return every 4 weeks or less                               for this service we offer a maintenance price.

We are all fully certified waxing specialists, especially in the most delicate areas!

Brazilians are our most requested service & you can trust in us!  

Our number one concern is Client Comfort!  We will keep you distracted during your service to help minimize any discomfort.  

As your Specialists, we will be happy to go through any questions and talk you through the treatment step-by-step.