Face Services & Enhancements

Here are all the details you need to know about waxing!  Some areas we wax because we don't want to shave every day & you can enhance many features of your face & body by removing the hair directly from the roots!  This way hairs come back smooth - not stubbly like shaving!  These hairs typically stay smooth for 3 weeks without growth and will need to book in within 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. 

Another thing of waxing is it makes your skin glow, the wax will remove all the dead skin on the surface or areas like arms, legs, underarms, bikini region.  Read below and you will see why you want to wax each area!


All the following services are also available as a sugaring service!



Back on the Neck.  


Especially if you have either short hair or just like to put your hair in your hair in a pony tail all the time, you can make your look clean and smooth for a month between services!



This is also a great service for men to keep their hair cut looking 'fresh!'