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After Care

Over the Next 24 Hours


♡ To ensure whiteheads don't form, please do not shower for 24 hours post-waxing. Also, no warm baths, swimming, heavy exercise or sun tanning (booth or sun!)


♡ Avoid putting on any creams, gels or oils, as they may irritate the fresh newly exposed skin.   


♡ You may wish to wear slightly loose & comfortable clothing that allows your skin to breathe and keep irritation to a minimum.


Until we see you again!


♡ If possible, do not shave in between - We are training your hair to grow thin and become fine! By shaving the hair they will become thicker and courser- please tweeze, if needed.



♡ To prevent ingrown hairs exfoliate often! As we continue to wax the hair becomes weaker & sometimes unable to break through the skin.


♡ Don’t forget to book your appointment for in about 4 - 6 weeks!

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