Follow these steps to ensure the very best tan with SunFX 

Before Tanning

Exfoliate your body before the application. This is easily accomplished by rubbing a damp soapy face washer firmly over your skin when showering. Pay attention to rough skin areas like knees, elbows, ankles and the tops of your feet.


Do not apply moisturiser to your skin at this stage as doing this will reduce the final result.  We also recommend that you don't wear any make-up. Wear attire suitable for tanning: we suggest a bikini for women and dark shorts or swimmers for men.


After Tanning
Once your tan is applied, you must allow it to dry completely. We will ensure that your application is dry before you leave, but as a precaution, do not wet your skin for at least 5 hours after the tanning session. Showering the following morning is the best option.


We also recommend that you do not exercise or perspire excessively between the tanning and the showering phase. When showering don't be concerned if some of the initial bronzer washes off - this is part of the SunFX tanning process, and your skin will continue to tan.


Apply moisturiser twice daily after showering. This reduces the rate at which your skin exfoliates and will keep your tan looking better for longer.


Other considerations in maintaining your tan are to avoid long baths, hot spas and extended swimming sessions. Shorter sessions are preferable. Also avoid products designed to exfoliate your skin.


Important Information
Skin: If you feel you have highly sensitive skin, or you have any doubts, we recommend a small localized test spray to check your skin compatibility before having your full SunFX body spray.



We recommend that you wear dark, loose fitting attire after your appointment. Any minor rub-off will easily wash out of most fabrics, but some lighter colored materials, including leather, may stain.



The SunFX spray-on tan does not provide any sun protection and it does not contain a sunscreen. Please make sure you apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Q: What should I do after my tan has been applied?

The Sunfx tan will start to develop straight away. For the best possible results, you should avoid the following within the first 3-8 hours or 2-5 hours for the Rapid Tans after application:

·         Water

·         Saunas / spas

·         Physical exercise / sweating

·         Swimming or Outdoor Spray Parks

·         Tight fitting clothing

Q: What should I wear to the salon?

It is recommended that you wear loose and comfortable dark clothing after your spray tanning appointment. Sunfx tanning solution, in most cases, will not stain clothing and any slight rub-off should come out in the wash. However, some staining may occur on some light coloured leather, acrylic or other sensitive fabrics.  

Q: How do I prepare for my SunFX tan?

Sunfx recommends you cleanse and exfoliate your body with Sunfx Body Polish and Sunfx Exfoliating Gloves. This will ensure the best possible result from your spray tan by eliminating the top layers of dry and dead skin. It is also best to avoid the use of deodorants and moisturisers and any other products that may inhibit the effectiveness of the Sunfx tanning solution.

Q: How long will my SunFX tan last?

Most people can expect their Sunfx tan to last for up to 5 to 7 days depending upon your skin type and preparation. Some may even keep their tan for up to 10 days. Regular moisturising with one of our unique Sunfx tan extenders will extend the tan’s life greatly.

Q: Do I still need to apply a sunscreen? 

Yes you do. Sunfx tanning solution does not provide any useful protection against harmful UV rays. Sunfx recommends the use of an approved SPF 30+ sunscreen 15 minutes prior to sun exposure.

Q: How do I extend the life of my tan?

Your spray tan can be extended through the use of one of the following products: Sunfx Tan Extender, Sunfx Summer’s Secret or even extend and highlight the tan with our beautiful Sunfx Body Shimmer. Order online or purchase them from your nearest professional Sunfx salon. For your nearest stockists, please use the Sunfx salon finder to the right of this screen. Please note: You should avoid excessive exposure to water and any form of exfoliation during the life of your spray tan.

Q: Is SunFX safe to use?

Our exclusive Sunfx Solution is regarded the world over as one of the finest. The unique combination of organic, natural and hypoallergenic Ingredients along with highly purified water (aqua) and the natural sugar derived approved cosmetic tanning agent DHA produce a truly remarkable tanning result. Our product is unique and clients can be assured that it contains no alcohol, oils, perfumes, parabens or artificial preservatives. Most salons can offer protection for the mucous membranes via nose plugs and eye protection should any clients feel a preference for the use of these.

Q: Can pregnant women use Sunfx? 

Though our tans use organic, natural and hypoallergenic ingredients, Sunfx still adopt the point of referring to your GP before the use of any spray tan during their pregnancy. However we can recommend creating a great tan using our Sunfx SUMMER’S SECRET tan builder!

Q: How good are the Sunfx results?

Sunfx will, on nearly all skin types, provide an impressive and natural looking tan. In fact in many instances, the result can be superior to sun and solarium exposure.

Q: How do I get my Sunfx tan?

It’s easy and simple to make an appointment. Use the Sunfx salon finder to the right of this screen to locate your nearest Sunfx tanning salon or call the number on the contact page for assistance. Or for a superb tan from home use our SUMMER’S SECRET tan builder and extender or our WHITEOUT spray at home aerosol spray can.

Q: Why aren’t Sunfx tanning solutions listed as Organic like many others claim? 

Sunfx use a unique blend of organic, natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. Though some tanning brands wish to list their solutions as organic, it is widely known and documented that the main active tanning ingredient DHA though a natural product can never be a organic product.  To date no DHA company in the world has ever achieved a organic certification for their product. Hence, Sunfx believe we would be misleading our precious customers into thinking that we actually have a purely organic product where in fact we would not. Even if for instance all our other ingredients were in fact organic this would still not give us a 100% organic tanning solution. We believe in insuring 100% transparency in our ingredients listing and claims.




Q: How is SunFX different? 

The Sunfx Pro System incorporates a small and quiet electric turbine that emits a consistent flow of high velocity air. The Sunfx Pro Spray Applicator is relaxing to hold and was designed to emit a constant flow of air this wraps around the tanning spray which effectively reduces salon over-spray and allows for a dry-as you-spray situation. The Award Winning Sunfx Pro series systems are professionally designed spray tanning systems for beauty salons. The Australian Made and designed spray tanning system was perfected after consultation within the beauty industry. Sunfx Pro series systems are elegant, professional, efficient and incredible value for money. Also see : Why aren’t Sunfx tanning solutions listed as organic like many others claim? 


Q: What is a SunFX system?

Sunfx developed their exclusive Sunfx Pro Spray Tanning Systems to replace the ageing, messy and fiddly conventional air-brushing systems. We set the pattern and standard for all future tanning systems and still continue to lead the industry.