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It’s time you hear about Sweet Spot labs! It's a great product line dedicated to women and their sweet spot! 


If you think about all the specialized beauty products we use today for our face, under eye, hair, feet and hands it makes you wonder why has no one thought of this before?


Why are women treating their sweet spot the same as their legs, stomach, arm pits or even worse the same as the male anatomy! This takes intimate grooming to the next level.


Don’t  Just Wash -  Enhance!  Don’t Hide – Groom!


The benefits of using Sweet Spot are not only gentle formulas and beneficial ingredients designed just for women’s intimate grooming but also a sense of confidence through the deliberate connection.


These amazing products are pH balancing specifically for optimum sweet spot heath.  Sweet Spot products are alcohol free and contain soothing botanicals to keep your Sweet Spot sweet and healthy. Scented products contain pure essential oils that were deliberately selected to enhance and complement your sweet spot. They contribute a cleansing, calming and refreshing function. They also come in non-scented for women who prefer aroma-free products or have extra sensitivities.


If you’re wondering why pH is important to you sweet spot I have that answer for you!  The pH is the measure of acidity, it is organic in nature, and your skin, hair and other areas all have their own pH. Keeping your pH balance is important to keep bacteria at bay and maintain health. The pH of sweet spot must stay at approximately the mid-4 range, which means any product whose pH exceeds that level could potentially compromise sweet spot health. This may include body washes, shampoos, baby wipes or any other pH balanced products for specific body parts. There is a big difference between the pH of your hair, skin, feet and sweet spot. Mild ingredients and simplified formulas are ideal for your sweet spot health.

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