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30             The Boy Short Bikini [NOTE: not a typical bikini wax]

                           Upper inner thighs only, bikini line untouched. 

                           NOTE: this is our only bikini that includes the upper inner thigh


35             The Brief Bikini

                           The "Classic Bikini." This wax removes hair just past the panty

                           line, and includes a crisp line across the top. 

40             The High Rise Bikini  

                           Same as the Brief Bikini, but comes in slightly further near the

                           top for a steeper triangle, including a crisp line across the

                           top of the pubic region. Perfect for those seeking a cheekier, yet

                           modest look. 

45             The Teenie Bikini [Typically known as  "French or Extended Bikini"]

                           This bikini stops just shy of a brazilian. We wax the sides just

                           short of the labia, and we give you the option to remove as much

                           from the top as you'd like. The resulting landing strip can be

                           either triangular or rectangular - again, your choice!  

47             The In-Betweenie Bikini

                           Our most popular bikini, and our only bikini that includes the

                           backside. For those seeking a thong-style outline, for which we

                           have two options: 

                           #1: Teenie Bikini outline + Crease OR Cheeks

                           #2: Brief Bikini outline + Crease AND Cheeks

42             The Very Bare Derrière 

                           Crease AND Full Cheeks only.

Brazilian of Options When it Comes to Your Brazilian

59           The  Bare Affair Brazilian [Bare or Landing Strip]

                         Our specialty, and most requested service! This service removes it

                         all - the top, the sides, labia and crease included. Be prepared to 

                         take your knickers off, and don't be embarrassed to get into some

                         yoga-esque positions  - and remember, it's nothing we haven't

                         seen before!

                         If you return every 4 weeks or less for this service we offer a                                         maintenance price!

67            The  Chilliwack Brazilian 

                          For the first-timers, or the especially bushy! This brazilian includes

                          extra time for the especially nervous or sensitive, and

                          includes the price of trimming. 

67                 The  Momma Bear Brazilian 

                          For the pregnant and expecting! This brazilian extra time to

                          account for both sensitivity and the necessary TLC. 

                          If you return every 4 weeks or less for this service we offer a

                          maintenance price!

72                 The   Hollywood Brazilian  

                          The Bare Affair Brazilian +1 of the following: Derrière Cheeks,                                      Lower Back, Tummy OR Inner Thighs. 

                          If you return every 4 weeks or less for this service we offer a

                          maintenance price!

85                  The   Aussie Brazilian  

                          The Bare Affair Brazilian + 2 of the following: Derrière Cheeks,       

                          Lower Back, Tummy OR Inner Thighs. 

                          If you return every 4 weeks or less for this service we offer a

                          maintenance price!

98                 The  Bermuda Triangle Brazilian  

                          The Bare Affair Brazilian + 3 of the following: Derrière Cheeks, 

                          Lower Back, Tummy OR Inner Thighs.

                          If you return every 4 weeks or less for this service we offer a

                          maintenance price!

110             The  Vegas Brazilian  

                          The Bare Affair Brazilian + ALL of the following: Derrière Cheeks,

                          Lower Back, Tummy & Inner Thighs.

                          If you return every 4 weeks or less for this service we offer a

                          maintenance price!

Additional Services

30                      Derriere: Full Cheeks Only

20                      Derriere: Crease Only

3/5                    Add-On: Numbing Spray, 4% Lidocaine  [Small/Large Areas]

15                      Add-On: Full Cheeks

15                      Add-On: Crease

15                      Add-On: Inner Thigh

10                      Add-on: Tummy

10                      Add-on: Lower Back

15                      Add-On: Treasure Trail

10                      Add-On: Trimming

10                      Add-On: Creative Landing Strip

10                      Add-On: Hard Wax Only

10/15/20        Add-On: Vajazzle: Bling Your Thing [Small/Medium/Large Area]


Brow Waxing


10                      Middle of Brow

21                      Brow Maintenance

                           Edges cleaned up & hairs trimmed

30                      Brow Design

                           Includes brow shaping and balancing, in addition

                           to tidying and trimming

37/45               Anti-Aging Brow Wax

                           Brow Wax, Tint & Anti-Aging Under

                           Eye Treatment

10                      Add-on: Educational Brow Wax

                           For anyone hoping to up their brow game, but 

                           unsure where to begin. Includes an education

                          in shaping and maintaining your brows at home,                             as well as the best products to do so!

20                      Tweeze Only

Face Waxing


15                      Lip or Chin Wax

25                      Lip + Chin Wax

20                      Nose Wax

20                      Ear Wax

17                      Individual Facial Area

                           Any ONE of cheeks, hairline, sideburns, nape, 

                           OR neck

45                      Face Wax

                           ALL of lip, chin, cheeks, hairline, and sideburns

                           (brows, nose, ear, AND neck not included)

Face Enhancements


20                      Brow Tint

30                      Lash Tint

40                      Brow & Lash Tint

30                      Brow Lightening

86                      Lash Lift 

99                      Brow Lamination

Body Waxing 

20                      Nape

21                      Underarms

28                      Half Arms + Hands

45                      3/4 Arms + Hands

55                      Full Arms + Hands

10                      Hands & Fingers Only

20                      Tummy

20                      Lower Back

40                      Full Back

10                      Treasure Trail Only

47                      Upper Legs

40                      Lower Legs + Feet

60                      3/4 Legs + Feet

                           Full upper leg and 1/2 lower leg.

75                      Full Legs + Feet

25                      Back of Upper Legs Legs

15                      Feet + Toes

Full Body Services

380                   Full Body Wax: Head to Toes [5 1/2 hrs]

                           Does what it says on the tin. From face to 

                           fingertips to privates to tippy toes, this service

                           does it all!

335                   Full Body Wax: Neck Down [5 hrs]

225                   Full Upper Body Wax [3 hrs]

                           For anyone looking to wax everything from 

                           brows to their hips, front and back. Does NOT

                           include intimates.

157                   Full Lower Body Wax [3 hrs]

                           DOES include intimates - everything from the

                           brazilian to the toes, front and back.


Face Waxing

19                      Brow Tidy Up

                           Includes shaping & trimming of brows, up to the 

                           hairline for clean and crisp edges

20                      Tweeze Only

20                      Moustache Wax

21                      Chin Wax

20                      Nose Wax

20                      Ear Wax

30                      Beard Tidy Up

                           Includes both the cheek and jawline/neck area,

                           for a clean and precise look!

30                      Men's Face Wax

                           Any ONE of Cheeks or Neck

60                      Men's Full Face Wax

                           FULL beard wax - can leave a chin strap or                                         goatee if desired

90                      Gentlemen's Full Face Wax

                           Includes detailing of both beardlines and

                           hairline, Brow Wax & Tint, + any one of

                           Nose OR Ear Wax

60                      Gentlemen's Maintenance (3 Weeks Or LESS)

                           Gentlemen's Full Face Wax Maintainance - initial

                           wax MUST have been at our location!

Face Enhancements

20                      Moustache Tint

20                      Chin Tint

30                      Moustache & Chin Tint

40                      Moustache & Chin & Brow Tint

55                      Moustache & Chin & Brow Tint + Brow Wax

Body Waxing 


20                      Nape

20                      Shoulders

21                      Underarms

31                      Half Arms + Hands

48                      3/4 Arms + Hands

58                      Full Arms + Hands

13                      Hands & Fingers Only

35                      1/2 Chest OR Back

65                      Chest OR Back

120                   Chest & Back

20                      Treasure Trail Only

52                      Upper Legs

45                      Lower Legs + Feet

65                      3/4 Legs + Feet

                           Full upper leg + 1/2 lower leg. 

80                      Full Legs + Feet

18                      Feet + Toes

Full Body Services

400                   Full Body: Face Included [6 hrs]

220                   Full Body With Brows (No Face) [3 hrs 40 m]

307                   Full Body: Face Not Included [1 hr 45m]

280                   Full Body: No Intimate Areas [1 hr 45m]

307                   Full Body: Neck to Toes [1 hr 45m]

140                   Full Body: Neck to Belt [1 hr 15m]

                           Intimates not included.

167                   Full Body: Belt to Toes [1 hr 50m]

                           Intimates included. 

We are all fully certified waxing and sugaring specialist, especially in the most intimate areas!

Brazilians are our most requested service & you can trust in us!  

Our number one concern is Client Comfort!  We will keep you distracted during your service to help minimize any discomfort.  

As your Specialists, we will be happy to go through any questions and talk you through the treatment step-by-step.